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Port Equipment


P Negrini S.r.l. is a specialized manufacturer of accessories for the construction sector. From this, they developed three main areas, various loading attachments for harbor cranes such as rope or hydraulic bulk grabs, scrap metal grabs – polyps or as they are called internationally ‘orange peel grab’ and closed stone grapples and gravel for ports. They also produce mechanical membrane wall grabbers and traction grabbers – troughs.


ITALGRU S.r.l. has many years of experience in providing special operational solutions in the cargo handling industry. These solutions take care of the most important logistics segments, such as ports, warehouses, shipyards and steel mills. Competence and innovation are the pillars of the ITALGRU brand, design and development.

Port cranes

With more than 60 years of experience in the cargo handling industry, our mobile port cranes are the result of careful studies of technological development and the use of the necessary technologies on modern port equipment for handling all types of goods.

Both diesel-hydraulic and electric drive systems are available, controlled by our state-of-the-art ITALGRU electronic crane control system, which ensures optimization of crane performance.

Off shore cranes

ITALGRU is constantly striving to improve its products and services while meeting the demands of emerging markets. The company’s products show the highest quality of workmanship and complete traceability is available for customer inspection, from the initial steel plate to the final start-up of the crane.

All offshore cranes are designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards with great regard to customer requirements and are certified by external institutions.

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