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Logistics Equipment

KAMAG Transporttechnik

KAMAG Transporttechnik is located in Ulm. KAMAG is engaged in the production of industrial vehicles, modular transporters and terminal logistics vehicles with approximately 300 employees on the company’s premises at 45,000 m2.

Together with SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik, NICOLAS Industrie and TIIGER, KAMAG Transporttechnik forms the TII group – Transporter Industry International. The TII Group is a world market leader in the development and production of heavy-duty vehicles equipped with hydraulically supported swing axles.

The products treated as consumer goods are KAMAG Wiesel and Truck Wiesel.

KAMAG “Wiesel” is designed for the internal transport of interchangeable trailer superstructures of all sizes, as well as semi-trailers and trailers. Its hydrostatic drive enables KAMAG Wiesel extremely low maintenance. Easy maintenance is the result of the use of serial-produced components, with very low fuel consumption.

TruckWiesel is designed to transport semi-trailers. Daily availability, high traffic levels, safe handling, even with a variety of staff, are standard features included by TruckWiesel. Because the vehicle also has many other features found in modern long-distance trucks, TruckWiesel is highly valued by both drivers and fleet managers.

Raniero Forklifts

Since 1967, Raniero Forklifts has been producing high-performance forklifts tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Today, we are the only ones who can offer the full range of electric forklifts from 5 to 32 tons, which can be configured according to the autonomy of operation, working conditions and size limits that must be observed. All of this is the result of constant interaction with our distribution network and end users around the world who work without breaks in research and development.

Customers who have chosen Raniero in recent years come from a variety of manufacturing sectors: steel, mechanics, wood, paper, recycling, marble processing, automotive, special waste management, logistics, textiles.

We present a winning solution for sectors that require the handling of heavy and bulk cargoes with the need for high autonomy in several shifts, sometimes in difficult climatic conditions and in tight maneuvering spaces.

Our strength is a configuration based on your needs. Our forklifts can be configured according to size restrictions and operating autonomy. In terms of restrictions related to passage spaces, door height and whether you have to work in containers, we can offer you configurations:

  • CO – Compact: reduced truck length
  • NW – narrow width: a narrow width that allows operation in narrow corridors, between paper or steel reels.
  • C-container-friendly: lowered container truck
    Regarding operational autonomy and the type of role, the following four options can be assessed:
  • 80V battery voltage: operating autonomy
  • 96 V: Ideal for the use of special equipment such as paper clips and / or masts with high lifts.
  • 120 V: ideal for use in multiple shifts, frequently and / or sequentially. For the use of special equipment
  • HV – high voltage 380V battery voltage: for the range from 16t at 1200 mm to 32t at 1200 mm in addition to 120V, for long-term use. A wide range of accessories and instruments can be added to each forklift to best suit your operational needs, personal preferences and your own workplace safety regulations.

Thanks to our Raniero forklift software, you can monitor and configure each forklift directly remotely and sit comfortably in your office.


BONFANTI boasts proven experience in developing special solutions for materials handling and production logistics. The company’s staff aims to design the most effective strategies to facilitate material handling, optimizing process time and enabling customers to increase the profitability of their business while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Efficiency and innovation in every industry are the key words in the design and development of BONFANTI.

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