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Ground Support Equipment

TIPS ranks among the top quality manufacturers of GSE equipment in the world.

TIPS is a leading Slovenian company with a 50-year tradition of manufacturing high-quality and technologically advanced ground support equipment. Its beginnings date back to 1969, when Stane Pustavrh founded a family company for the conversion of special purpose vehicles and car painting. A year later, they got their first requests for airport equipment. Already the first GSE equipment was made with such precision and quality workmanship that even today you can find certain service vehicles and equipment in their full functionality despite their age.

Through years of experience, we only upgraded our knowledge. When you add to the entire TIPS knowledge the exceptional dedication of the Pustavrh family and their passion for the continuous development of airport equipment (GSE), you get the magic formula of success combined in TIPS products. This is TIPS quality, which is increasingly being discovered by the largest airports around the world, and they are increasingly recognizing the importance of a true and reliable partnership in GSE equipment.


Reliability, speed and teamwork are the ingredients of success on the airport platform – a race against time. Innovative technology, certified quality and exceptional service are the foundation of this success.

TREPEL, one of the leading manufacturers in the growing GSE market, aims to provide units with maximum availability and efficiency, while maintaining low maintenance costs. This is the philosophy of TREPEL. Decades of experience, an abundance of knowledge and ideas are important elements of market leadership, but equally important is the constant intensive dialogue with our partners on the ramp.

The main products of the company are lifting platforms for handling aircraft pallets and containers – high loader, cargo loader, push back tractors and towbarless push back tractor.


Moventor Oy is a modern, international, fast-growing, and evolving manufacturing company, highly specialized in friction measurement and airport equipment and software. Our main areas include the development, production, supply and servicing of Skiddometer BV 11 friction measuring equipment worldwide, the development and supply of Global Runway Reporter software.


All airports with turbojet traffic should own or have access to the CFME. The Skiddometer BV11 is the most reliable and accurate system for determining the value of friction on the runway. The Skiddometer CFME is designed for easy towing with any vehicle. It includes features and enhancements gained from over fifty years of experience. Demonstrated product life cycle costs are the lowest on the market. Only a few parts of the skidometer are subject to wear, so maintenance and calibration are only required once a year. The trailer is designed to last for decades, and all models can be updated with current parts and the latest computer system.

Hidraulika Kurelja

Hidraulika Kurelja d.o.o. was established in 1993 and has been operating as a limited liability company since 1995. It is engaged in the production and servicing of hydraulic structures and equipment. The original activity was service, but over time it developed its own production program of hydraulic equipment, especially vehicle upgrades.

The company’s headquarters are in Donja Stubica, 30 km from Zagreb. Hidraulika Kurelja d.o.o. currently employs 120 people in its newly built space of 6,500 m2. The branch operates in Zagreb. We are present on the market of Serbia and Montenegro through the representative office in Belgrade and production plants in Kragujevac “HK Proleter”. The representative office in Sarajevo “Hidraulika Kurelja d.o.o. Sarajevo” covers the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For the needs of the market, our development department has created a wide range of products used for work in the enegergy industry, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, water management, forestry, oil industry and transport.

In this segment, we also developed a vehicle for transporting food to aircraft catering vehicle – truck and a vehicle for transporting people with reduced mobility ‘PRM’ ambulift.


The company specializes in the production and sale of handcarts for the transport of goods and luggage. With a wide range of products and materials for making these, they can satisfy almost any need. The company also manufactures other equipment for airport lounges such as seats, passenger straps and signs. Products also include shopping carts in duty free shops and electric passenger vehicles such as ‘golf’ carts.

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