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Repair and maintenance

From the day of delivery of the sold equipment, we take care of your equipment with regular maintenance, troubleshooting and technical assistance. In cases where the customer does not have the opportunity to maintain the equipment himself, we undertake complete maintenance and troubleshooting with the possibility of using advanced technologies such as telematics, which can report location, operating hours, mileage, and machine errors.

Equipment rental

With the rapid development of business, we never know when we will find a new business opportunity. If it comes in the developing period of the company or comes quickly, it is difficult to obtain all the necessary equipment. Even if the company does not want to have capital investment in equipment. For this purpose, we offer you to rent both new and used equipment to make it easier to start your own business or perform a short-term activity. Rental is possible long-term or short-term, we also offer rental with or without maintenance of equipment. Depending on the needs and capabilities of the customer.

Used Equipment

We offer a variety of used equipment, depending on customer needs. Current stock is visible at this link, equipment can also be rented.

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